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Metro Mobility ITRAVEL LITE

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The Metro Mobility ITRAVEL LITE is designed as a lightweight and compact mobility scooter, emphasizing portability and ease of use. It is ideal for users who require a convenient and reliable mobility solution for daily activities and travel.

  • Features:

    Airplane-friendly: The electric wheelchair can be taken on airplanes, making it convenient for travel and tourism.

    Magnesium-alloy material: The electric wheelchair is made of magnesium alloy material, which is lightweight and sturdy and can withstand a weight of 220lbs, making it more durable.

    High speed: The electric wheelchair has a maximum speed of 4mph, making it faster to travel. 

    Long battery life: The electric wheelchair has a maximum range of 10 miles, making it more convenient to use.

    Soft cushion: The electric wheelchair comes with a 1-inch thick soft cushion and backrest, providing a comfortable seating experience.

    Compact: The electric wheelchair has a compact size of 28'' x 29'' x 14'' after folding, taking up less space.

    Non-inflatable tires: The electric wheelchair uses non-inflatable tires, eliminating the need to worry about air leaks.

    Padded armrests: The electric wheelchair is equipped with foldable padded armrests, providing better comfort.

    Electromagnetic brake: The electric wheelchair uses an electromagnetic brake system, making it safer and more reliable.

    Warranty Service: 1-year warranty for frame, engine, controller and other components, 6-month warranty for battery.

Color: Black